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Our next order is Thu, December 13th.
Pick up your order at the WBNA on Wednesday, December 19, 5-8pm.

Urban Greens is a cooperative of Providence residents, businesses, and food producers that connects Providence people to Providence food. Urban Greens provides fresh, local, affordable groceries to Providence.

Urban Greens organizes orders from our catalogue of locally produced items and from Associated Buyers, a New Hampshire based distributor of bulk groceries and organic foods.

NEWS from Urban Greens

Buying Club News - updated July, 2015

The non-volunteer fee is 10% and should show as such on your invoice!

The annual membership fee for non-Urban Greens Member-Owners is $24/year per household, due January 1. If this is your first order and it is later in the year, you pay a pro-rated portion of that, i.e. $2 for every month left in the calendar year. Member-owners of Urban Greens Food Co-op do NOT pay an annual fee to use the buying club.

If you would like to become a member-owner of the Co-op, info is at (Once you make the first $40 member-owner installment payment, you are considered a member-owner of the co-op, and may use the Buying Club without paying any additional annual fee..)

Buying club orders take place once a month, local and non-local items are available during these orders.

Please help your buying club by:

-Picking up your order between 5 and 8 pm on pickup day.

-Paying for everything you receive. If an item appears to be missing, please confirm that that item was in fact not delivered to the WBNA before you subtract the price from your total.

-Paying annual membership dues of $24 per household.

Thank you!